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Here you can find out a list of articles and tutorials on Java and other java related technologies. These articles are submitted by the users of Javacertificate.net.


Pass by Value VS Pass by Reference: This article describes what is mean by pass-by-value and  pass-by-reference in Java. What is happening in pass-by-value and pass-by-reference. Read here



Configuring MySQL data source in Tomcat 4.1: This article describes how to connect to a MySQL data source from Tomcat 4.1 server. This contains a step-by-step tutorial for configuring a MySQL data source in tomcat 4.1 server. Read here


A practical approach to Enterprise Java Beans: In this presentation Mr. Kant Prasad describes how an EJB is identified. What are the different type of EJBs, why we need it? When we should go for EJB? and much more. Download Here Power Point format.


AJAX - An emerging new breed of dynamic web applications: AJAX, a shorthand for Asynchronous JavaScript And XML is a web development technique that has the potential to blur the line between web-based and desktop applications. AJAX technique strives to achieve this by marrying the agility of a graphical user interface of desktop applications with the benefits of the Web. The proven success of AJAX based projects like Google Map, Orkut, Google Suggest stand testimony to the fact that AJAX is more than just a catchy abbreviation. In short AJAX is an emerging concept space that is crying out for innovation.. Read here


Importance of Ajax in Web Application: Web applications are fun to build. They are like the funky airplanes of Web sites. Web applications allow the designer and developer to get together and solve a problem for their customers that the customers might not have even know they had. But most Web applications are slow and tedious. Even the fastest of them has lots of free time for your customers to go get a snack (worst of all) head off to a faster Web site... Read here


Javascript Animation A simple javascript animation script by Lavanya AnandRead here

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