AJAX - An emerging new breed of dynamic web applications.


Determining when to AJAXify your page

If your web application supports any one or more of the below said functionalities then that application is a potential candidate for AJAXification
  • If the page has extensive form based interaction.
  • If the page is going to display hierarchical tree navigation
  • An application requiring rapid user-to-user communication as in a chat application.
  • Voting and rating submission kind of page
  • Data manipulations involving filtering, sorting by date, sorting by name etc
  • Page involving widgets like a progress bar
  • Any web page that dynamically updates the presentation tier with data from server, without reloading the entire page
  • When predictive suggest is used as in case of Google Suggest
  • Live news sites that thrive on RSS feeds, stock market updates, Cricket or any other spots score
  • To provide a drag drop kind of interface on a web page


Contemporary server side technologies provide a sound base to develop, deploy and integrate AJAX-based applications. APIs for gluing together pieces like HTTP processing, databases, web services, XML processing, and business objects are already available. With a better understanding of this interaction model, today's applications can become more interactive, responsive and provide the end user with a much more improved web experience.

We strongly believe that AJAX is going to be the next big buzz on the IT horizon and therefore we invite you to join in and contribute your innovations for the benefit of your individual projects, clients as well as the broader web community.
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